Thursday, September 4, 2008

Down and Out

Oh my goodess this Flu that is going around has wiped out the Koba Family! First it was Mumma Koba, cough, spit, yuck! Then Miss dont mess with me Koba, I think she has slept more this week than she did the whole time she was an infant. And then poor Baby Koba. Oh poor baby Finn he has never looked so terrible. His constant smile was on holidays this week.

Trying to run a business, be sick and look after 2 sick kids is a new game in itself. Who ever said life was supposed to be easy!

Well we have spent a fortune on food this week, none of it to be eaten as no-one has an appetite. But looking up its now SPRING! so lets hope these coughs decide to pack their bags to the other side of the world.

Keep Healthy!

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