Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Competition Entry - more to follow!

I love my life!

As you know we are running a Cheeky Little Soles Competition. Here is one of the entries I received tonight. It's emails like this that make all the hard work and late nights worth while!

...Here is a photo of my son Ben in his Cheeky Little Soles. He has just turned 1 and has started pulling himself up to stand but isn't walking yet. He loves his his Herbie Shoes. Its the only thing that keeps him still on the change table. As soon as I lie him down to change his nappy he starts saying goo goo which means shoes and if I don't hand them to him he cries. He claps them together and says goo goo over and over until Ive finished and then he has to have them on.....

Here is the photo of Ben, isn't he just gorgeous!

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