Thursday, March 11, 2010

Still here!

Its been a while since I posted so much has happened in this time. So in short....we been to Sydney for Kids inStyle, we got to catch up with many of our wonderful stockists and also got to meet up with other lovely labels (you guys are incredible!). Had drinks with one wonderful crazy lady (yes you know who you are!), came home and tried to catch up on orders all that fun stuff and then got to meet lots of our fans at The Baby Show in Melbourne. The wonderful Jenny, Mary and Rosemary came to help me out, without them I don't think I would have survived. Thank you girls XOXOX

Here are some shots of our busy couple of weeks.

Kids inStyle Sydney

Ready for 3 busy days at The Baby Show Melbourne

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support. My brand means the world to me. I work very hard to make it a success, but with 3 weeks of love and support from many people it is so worth all the hard work and late nights!

Stay Cheeky!

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Australia said...

Congratulation from Spain.
Your shoes are simply the best for our babies!!!
And the world are knowing it.