Friday, May 7, 2010

Help needed at CLS HQ!

There comes a time when running a business that you know you can't do it all yourself. I have people working for me in every other state expect Victoria (work that out!) Packing orders until 12pm every night with a little adhoc help is not my idea of a great work/like balance so the time has come for me to let go a little and find a helper!

Having worked in recruitment in a past life I have found it a little different when you have to recruit someone to work in your 'baby'. But I have taken the first step and posted a job on

Visit the position here I am hoping to find the perfect person to help me continue to grow my Cheeky Little business.


Emma said...

Good luck with the recruitment Lisa! :) Taking your own advice now? '...or things that you do not have the time to do properly.'

Cheeky Little Soles said...

Kind of... there are only so many times you can rope in friends and the ones you love!